Tamassa at Bel Ombre

 A Vibrant four-star beach hotel set in tropical gardens on white sandy beaches with rustling coconut trees and a cobalt ocean. This all-inclusive hotel is surrounded by dramatic mountains and dense sugar cane fields. Here an effervescent zest for life combines with contemporary design to bring the perfect spot for fun and relaxation.





Located at the heart of Bel Ombre, right next to Heritage Le Chateau and the award-winning Heritage Golf Club, Kaz'alala Hosted B&B is a unique lodging option in Mauritius.  

Heritage Le Chateau is the quintessential plantation house – a luxurious home whose name alone evokes vivid scenes from another time...At the turn of the 19th century, Hajee Jackaria Hajee Ahmed erected this superb colonial mansion on the Bel Ombre estate. Refurbished in 2017, the 19th century mansion is set in opulent French gardens dotted with fountains and offers breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and of the Bel Ombre golf course.